Lessons & Training

Lessons are available Tuesday - Sunday, either on your own horse or an Aertker Sporthorse lesson horse.  Lessons are usually one hour long and can be either group or private. All levels from beginner to advanced are accommodated. Ages 7 years old and up.  Either to continue and refine your showing career or gain and elevate your basic horsemanship skills, we strive to set goals in our lessons and achieve them.

Training of your horse is available. A consistent program where your horse is ridden and worked regularly is the basis of success. Professional training rides can help keep your horse on a forward path. Please contact Kathleen to determine the best training program to get the most out of your horse.

Rate Sheets

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Showing is highly recommended for anyone! Shows of various levels are available throughout the year.  It is a great way to test your skills at your level.  Be it Walk/Trot or 4' jumpers, there is a place for you at a show.
Showing is not required.

Fox Ridge Farms


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